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Loss of Volume in Your Face: Fillers 101

Loss of Volume in Your Face: Fillers 101

As we age, the skin looses collagen and elastin fibers. Fillers, especially hyaluronic acid ones, possess a plethora of beauty enhancing capabilities—they can lift, augment, and plump deficient areas for a more streamlined and defined visage.

How they work: Dermal fillers containing hyaluronic acid, are designed to soften and correct fine lines and wrinkles in the face by adding volume and restoring hydration. Hyaluronic acid is a chain of sugars produced naturally in the body and its purpose is to aid skin hydration by binding to water. As you age, your natural production of HA slows down, your skin becomes a bit drier, and you begin to see signs of decreased collagen production and skin elasticity.

Treatment areas: Fillers are most commonly used for:

  • Nasolabial folds and wrinkles
  • Volumize, sculpt and smooth cheeks
  • Under-eye hollowness
  • Smooth lip lines and plump lips
  • Contour chin and jaw

What to expect: The procedure time is between 15 to 30 minutes, depending on how many areas are being treated.  There is no downtime and recovery can last from a few hours to a few days. Results typically last from 3 to 12 months depending on treatment area and the product used.

Brand names:  Revanesse Versa (our favorite), Juvederm, Belotero, Restylane are the more common ones used today.

Dr. Patel and her team are known for providing natural-looking aesthetic results with a “less is more” approach.  And while we believe getting older is a privilege, you can still slow the signs of aging.  

Call our office at (978) 927-6556 to set up a consultation and see how we can help enhance your beauty through every decade.

Jagruti Patel

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