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Peels Without Downtime

Peels with no downtime (non ablative) can be very effective in rejuvenating and refreshing all skin types. Peels are typically administered in a series to maximize effectiveness while minimizing downtime.  We offer two kinds of treatments to our clients, chemical and herbal peels.

Chemical peels today include alpha and beta hydroxy.  Administered in a series of treatments with varying concentrations can maximize effectiveness while minimizing downtime without any difficulty.  Water soluble alpha hydroxy is derived from food such as sugarcane, milk and citrus fruits.  Beta hydroxy is oil soluble and is derived from plant base such as willow bark.    

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Herbal peels are an effective exfoliant alternative to chemically derived acid peels. They refresh and rejuvenate the skin by triggering the bodies own exfoliating reaction. The result is the exposure of new, radiant healthy skin. The use of specific herbals and minerals have been in use by the ancient Ayurvedic system to enhance the penetration capabilities of various other ingredients in skin rejuvenating formulations.  Herbals are effective and safe for all skin types. After your skin has been analyzed, and depending on the skin condition and requirement, you will benefit from either a light or medium peel. It is a less invasive and less traumatic than a chemical peel. 

American Society of Plastic Surgeons

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